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Re: More like Delphi BS [Edit]
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Re: More like Delphi BS [Edit]

fia starta wrote:

> > > Unless I can read what, that it's on the road map? Don't you know
> > > that 64bit has been on Delphi's roadmap since 2007 (& possibly
> > > earlier) & constantly pushed ahead?
> > 
> > So, do you think they're lying or just crazy incompetent?
> > 
> I would say both. Incompetent, but still leaving everyone in
> hope/doubt, by not telling.

Telling what, exactly? The ship dates for products in 2011, '12, '13,
'17 etc...? If you're wondering what exactly is in or what is out of
XE, then you'll need to wait until the launch to get the whole picture.
If you simply *must* know and you feel you can help out, consider
signing up to be a field-tester. You can get the straight scoop pretty
early in the cycle... and even get to see the product as it evolves for
that release. Just remember, like all software in its early stages, it
is pretty rough.

> I'm no expert in Delphi's history, but if I'm correct, the main guy
> behind Delphi's compiler left in 2005, and that's why Delphi's
> compiler hasn't evolved since then, but that's something we all knew.
> What Embarcadero does is telling us that someone competent is
> possibly working on the compiler, but we haven't seen anything yet,
> so either that's a marketing lie, or it just takes ages?  All I know
> is that I don't give a shit about roadmaps, they have been blatant
> lies, or we'd already have a 64bit Delphi for years.

I would take strong exception with the assertion that we're blatantly
and/or maliciously lying. Our roadmaps are based on the information we
have at the time they are published. They are meant as a guideline
about the general direction we're heading with the product. They are
*not* a detailed product plan. In fact, they only reference projects,
and do not mention any specific product for which those projects are
bound. This is because we may choose to rearrange the *project* to
better match the *products*.

> (I'm probably not correct about the compiler guy [not Danny Thorpe as
> I thought?] & it seems to be someone else, can't find his name back,
> feel free to correct, but I know that some key programmer on the
> compiler left ages ago)

Hmm... the "main" guy that worked on the Delphi *32bit* compiler was
Peter Sollich, and he left back in the late '90s! As for the compiler
"not evolving??", are you new around these parts? Since then, we've
added significantly more features to the compiler and language. There
have been many engineers working on the Delphi compiler over the years,
Danny was just one of the many. He worked on a lot of other things too.

There has been more work on the language side in the past 3 years than in the previous 5-7. Let's see, we've added generics, anonymous methods, Unicode, much richer RTTI, class constructors/destructors (I did that one, personally... and I'm not just a "compiler guy"), many improvements to the Delphi->C++ support. I'd say the list is longer than I can keep in my head at this moment.
People seem to think that we're somehow not serious about what we do. Sometimes things take longer than expected. And sometimes, yes, we do make mistakes (luckily, our QA is getting better and better so you guys see less and less of those ;-).
-- Allen Bauer Embarcadero Chief Scientist
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