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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Gamlkan Has 27VII/8 — dróttinn ‘lord’

Sæll, tókt einn fyr allar
óverðr guma ferðir,
sannstýrandi, sáran,
sólhauðrs, á þik dauða,
ok liðfasta (leystir)
lífs unnir þú runnum
(hǫlða ferð ór harðri
harms gnótt) fira dróttinn.

Sæll sannstýrandi sólhauðrs, einn óverðr, tókt sáran dauða á þik fyr allar ferðir guma, ok þú unnir runnum liðfasta lífs, dróttinn fira; leystir ferð hǫlða ór harðri gnótt harms.

Blessed true-steerer of the sun-land [SKY/HEAVEN > = God (= Christ)], alone, undeserving, you took a painful death upon yourself for all the hosts of men [MANKIND], and you granted life to bushes of arm-fires [GOLD RINGS > MEN], lord of men [= God (= Christ)]; you freed the host of men [MANKIND] from a cruel abundance of grief.


[8] harms gnótt fira dróttinn: Cf. 37/6 unaðs-gnótt fira dróttinn. Gnótt:drótt is a popular rhyming pair: of the three occurrences of orðgnótt in Leið, two (at 1/8 and 2/6) rhyme with dróttinn, as does málsgnótt (3/8).



case: nom.


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