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Skaldic Poetry of the Scandinavian Middle Ages

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Ív Sig 3II/6 — bani ‘The slayer’

Sótti síðan        Sigurðr ór eyjum
dýrr at rôðum        Dávíð konung.
Vas með vísa        Vilhjalms bani
fleinþingasamr        fimm misseri.

Síðan sótti dýrr Sigurðr ór eyjum Dávíð konung at rôðum. Bani Vilhjalms, fleinþingasamr, vas með vísa fimm misseri.

Then splendid Sigurðr went from the isles to seek counsel from King David. The slayer of Vilhjálmr [= Sigurðr], eager for spear-assemblies [BATTLES], stayed with the ruler for five winters.


[6] bani Vilhjalms ‘the slayer of Vilhjálmr [= Sigurðr]’: Vilhjálmr skinnari ‘the Tanner’ was a Norw. district chieftain who is mentioned in st. 27 below.




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