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Working remotely?

Here are a few tips from Hover on how to improve WFH habits

Free WHOIS Privacy

Learn more about how Hover keeps your information private at no extra cost

We think about domains and email so you don’t have to.

Our focus is on making it easy to find and register the perfect domain and providing you with the tools you need to manage your domains, email and DNS with ease. It’s what we do - so you can focus on what you do.

We have features that you’ll love.

Hover offers fast domain search and a quick checkout that won’t try to upsell you on stuff you don’t need. Our control panel helps you manage your domains and services and make the most of your online life.

Pro-Level Tools

Powerful domain and email management tools that are intuitive and easy to use whether you are a web pro or just getting started.

Private and Secure

WHOIS privacy is included with every domain name (where supported) and security features like two-factor authentication help you keep your domains safe.

Hover Connect

Pick the service you want to use to build and host your website. Connect helps you start using your domain name with just a couple of clicks.

Hover is for everyone.

We’re trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers, who use our domain names and email to turn their ideas into a reality. Whether it’s a domain name for your blog, portfolio, online store or just to make a more memorable redirect to your LinkedIn page, we’ve got you covered.


Grab the perfect domain for your next big app, startup biz or side hustle.


Showcase your beautiful images with a domain linked to your existing Format, Adobe or Flickr portfolio.

Personal/Small Businesses

Sell your products or sell yourself. Either way, we’ve got the name and tools for your brand.

Need Help? We’re Here!

Get help from one of our smart, friendly support advisors on the phone, via live chat or through email. We’ll get things sorted out so you can get back to work.