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Absolute fucking muppets.

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Bunch of dickheads

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It’s Paddy’s weekend, it’s Temple Bar, they’re most likely tourists. Doesn’t make them any less of a bunch of muppets for still coming, but seen as they’re here, what are they supposed to do? Sit in their hotel rooms until their return flight? Everyone else is still going about their daily lives, no one seems to be staying indoors.

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They shouldn't have come, I was going to Amsterdam tomorrow till Tuesday but cancelled last week. I honestly can't believe people are being this stupid. My own brother went to his GP on Thursday feeling unwell with flu like symptoms, Dr said he was probably grand as had no fever but he had been in contact with someone just back from northern Italy so to isolate. He rings today and says he is going to knock into see my mother later, I said don't come as she is at risk he says ok that makes sense. An hour later the door bell goes and there he is coughing away saying he is grand. My mam let him in until I came back 5 minutes later and told him I loved him but to get the fuck out. I spent the next hour scrubbing everything he had been near. People are idiots, especially if it's your family tell them to cop the fuck on and stop putting people at risk.

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Thanks. Here in Amsterdam it is much quieter than normal, except the city centre. The tourists don't give a fuck, don't want to cancel their once in a year city trip I suppose.

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There were literally people in the dedicated coronavirus subreddit, commenting on the post about Paddy's day being cancelled saying they were still planning on coming.

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Yes ,!!! Yes they should have stayed indoors or cancelled their holidays simple as that

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Because they're made out of money?

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You don't lose money by cancelling a holiday it's already spent. Public health is more important than any individual's holiday plans.

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You're all heart Mr. Moneybags.

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I've probably got a lot less money than anyone who can afford to holiday in Ireland and drink in temple bar.

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Most of these younger people are going to be great asymptomatic carriers too. And the baseball cap-wearing obese older man in their midst is too thick to save his life.

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It's a free country, arsehole

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The fuck, are you 5 years old?

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Its not worth queueing to get into in the best of times.

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Or at all

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It was the best of times.. It was the blurst of times!!?

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Ever. It’s not worth it ever

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I'm guessing there's a queue because the door staff are enforcing the 100 person capacity limit.

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I see dead people.

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That's the worst part; these people are all young and just feel like they're being rebellious and want to enjoy themselves regardless of the circumstances, they know if they get the virus they'll most likely be fine so they don't consider anything beyond knowing that bit of information. In their minds, as long as they're going to be fine then that's all that matters and they won't make the sacrifices that we all need to make to play a part in slowing the virus spreading. It's completely depressing to realise how unwilling so many people are to think of the bigger picture. Even just knowing what this virus will cause for our nurses and doctors should make one feel happy to stay home as much as possible

Someone else on here was saying that in a pub they were working in this weekend there were loads of lads in their 70s who don't give a shit. We're just banging our head against the wall!

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I'm young ( 32, is that young? ), no fuckin way am I catching that shit and spreading it. I'm sort of in the middle ground. I'm not panic buying but I'm staying in. I also have a son and if the virus mutates it could harm the kids too. Risking all that for a few pints. Natural selection.

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Sorry you're old old timer

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Okay boomer

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I think you owe me rent

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Sure the government will take care of ye

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Same, 38, staying in, have kids, no panic buying. In truth our larder is normally well stocked with beans and pulses. We can live on chickpea curry, dahl & roti for a long time.

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You are either part of the problem or part of the solution

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Well someone's going to die because of these complete and utter tools

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Hose the cunts down with bleach

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Why would you Q to go in there ???

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Arseholes, hope its worth it. And fuck your weird little socks that expose your ankles, heathens.

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Stupid fools.

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Queueing up to get €7 pints and a potentially fatal illness.

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What a shower of shites!

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A popular spot for Italian tourists.

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Came to complain about their lack of regard for public health, stayed to complain about ankle socks' LED runners.

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Take note of businesses that couldn't give a f*ck. Not that I'd ever step into the place (I'm not stupid enough to pay 7 quid for a pint) but I'm definitely heading over to Google reviews to express my feelings on the matter.

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There a special kind of stupid.

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Get the firing squad

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They still have Christmas lights up

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the cunts who own the bar are worse than the cunts outside

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Cunts! If any of the assholes that were out in town tonight, screw you! You selfish fuckers, what if you pass it onto someone who is vulnerable and dies! My friends daughter has auto immune disease and if they catch it they fucking die you pieces of shit! Shame on you!!

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thats the outside smoking area. the front door is to the left. and many tourists just huddle outside talking photos etc. thats not a queue.

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It’s a queue.. there were two staff on each door 🚪

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Deposit rotten fish everywhere inside!!