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Added April 24, 1995

Content is what makes a Web page good. Most pages have poor content. Useful and/or original information is what really counts. This page is a good example. There are many people online to whom this page's practical and unusual content is invaluable. Which proves one last point: content isn't everything.

Today's American newsmedia is sensationalist. More and more, newscasts and newspapers focus on stories which shock and titilate. Until today, I'd never understood it. Now I realize it's to provide a healthy balance from journalists like this guy.

Take a careful look at Adobe Corporations's main Web page. Now take a look at this page. Okay, now: while I constantly reload the page to make sure it hasn't changed, please hurry and send me correct instructions on how to make a citizen's arrest via e-mail.

Postscript, 4/25/95: The e-mail was sent too late. The page has been apparently changed. However, whether the author is truly rehabilitated will only be evident with time.

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