Trying Your Patients....

From the screens, you should see there's a marked difference between this and Theme Park - the sprites are bigger, and the graphics are hi-res only, meaning youll need an SVGA video card to run it; but were sure that youll agree the results are worth it. The most important detail feature that you can't see, though, is how the characters interact with each other and with objects. If a doctor walks over to his filing cabinet, he opens an individual drawer and gets out a file, closes the drawer again, and he will then carry the file over to his desk, say, and place it down in front of his computer. All movements and animations are fluid; everything is moved correctly as it would be in real-life - and man, does it look realistic!

To add to the realism, other computer players are playing against you, creating and running their own hospitals and, if youve access to a network of PCs, up to three other players can take their place. The network game is all-out war poaching staff from the other hospitals, balancing budgets, attracting your competitors patients, researching new cures and machines Just like a real hospital, youre right in the thick of it, and theres no time for stress. And to cap it all, you might even see a few Theme Park characters making guest appearances maybe in the Childrens Ward, maybe in Accident and Emergency.

Theme Hospital will be released for the PC and Sony Playstation, with a Sega Saturn version to follow.

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