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Leary, Timothy
(b. 1920) Legendary philosopher-showman of the '60s drug counterculture who shifted his "tune in, turn on, drop out" utopian emphasis on evolutionary consciousness from LSD and other psychoactives to silicon chips with the advent of virtual reality. Much of the original shtick still worked: where Leary told Playboy in the late '60s, "one of the great purposes of an LSD session is sexual union," in the '90s Leary titillated audiences with the double entendres of as-yet-unrealized cybersex. Uncle Tim--as he was known in the glory days--continues to function as kindly guru to youthful experimentation, garnering cheers at a 1995 Zippie event in London (by teleconference--Leary is banned from the U.K.) when the 74-year-old explained, "I take every form of illegal drug. I prefer illegal drugs to legal ones." Leary is said to have announced with some logic that Terence McKenna is the Timothy Leary of the '90s. Leary announced in 1995 that he was "thrilled" to learn that he was dying of prostate cancer, saying, "How you die is the most important thing you ever do. It's the exit."

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