reative Web is a division of AltaVista formed to design and maintain graphically stimulating Web sites, while at the same time, display information that is both valuable and pertinent.

Creative Web...
employs experienced technical and creative teams with extensive knowledge of the Internet.
offers a graphic network of ideas and solutions enabling your company to effectively market on-line.
understands the important relationship of graphic intensive pages versus rapid user access time.
knows how to actively promote your site.
allows for change, modification and updates as product or content needs change.
realizes the need to build reciprocal links with other sites to create a community of interest.

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reative Web's Starter Package is an efficient way to get movin' and shakin'. Creative Web will design and maintain your Web site on the Internet, including:

- your own domain name
- custom graphics
- product/service text description
- jumps to additional corporate information
- jumps to additional product information
- unique links to sites of your choice
- customer comment areas
- entering your site in all major search engines
- fast, error free work

All sorts of packages are available. Call 1-800-480-ALTA for more details on fully integrated custom Web Marketing Campaigns.

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