High Performance Accelerator for PCI-Bus Application

Pin-For-Pin Compatiable Performance Upgrade For ALG2301

ALG2302: Avance Logic's new third generation DRAM-based PCI Graphics accelerator chipset not only allows sytem and motherboard OEMs to introduce affordable PCI graphics with their OEM systems, but permits existing ALG2301 OEM customers to upgrade existing designs without additional R&D; cost.

The ALG2302 chipset includes the PhotoDAC-- a 24-bit RAMDAC-- as well as a dual programmable clock, and a graphics accelerator.

The PCI compatible chipset, which supports the EPA's Green PC requirements, is the latest addition to a board line of graphics products available from Avance Logic. In fact, the ALG2302 chipset is based on three successful generations of graphics accelerator products from the two and a half year old company.