Lemmings 2: The Tribes

Available for Amiga, PC, SNES, and just about everything else...

Join the Tribes

Those lovable, green-haired Lemmings are back with a whole newbunch of skills, levels and mayhem to challenge your dexterityand tax your wits. The Lemmings have split into twelve differenttribes and are spread all over Lemming Island. It's up to youto lead them on to the ultimate reunion. With your brains and their magic, you'll beunstoppable as you blaze through tons of awesome puzzles!!

THRILL to the radical moves of the Beach Lemmings asthey surf past danger, dude

CHILL with the Polar Lemmings as they shred through the hazardsof their icy land

CHEER as the Sport Lemmings run and jump to victory

CHUCKLE at the Circus Lemmings floating across the screen withtheir clown balloons

CHAMPION for the helpless Lemmings. You're their onlyhope for survival!!


12 completely different Lemmings Tribes, each with their ownset of skills.

120 Levels of Lemmings MADNESS for hours and hours of HAIR PULLINGFUN!

Wacky, challenging puzzles keep toes Lemmings hoppin'

Silky-Smooth 8 way scrolling with Lock-on Lemmings control

Eye poppin' graphics and toe tappin' tunes that bring it alltogether

100 all-new levels of challenging puzzles of incredible Lemmings mayhem

Hordes of tiny, expressively animated Lemmings at your service!