Will you risk all for the honor of Camelot?

  THIS amazingly beautiful adventure game, set in a land of magic and danger, will be initially available for the PlayStation Game Console and PC CD-ROM.

  Chronicles of the Sword incorporates traditional adventure gaming with unsurpassed graphic detail that replicates the Arthurean era with stunning accuracy. Over 60 breathtaking locations are yours to explore during your quest to vanquish the evil Morgana. The game is fully interactive, with a host of colorful characters to communicate with as well as both human and non-human enemies.

  Your quest is to destroy the King's half-sister before her vile plot for the death of Arthur and the end of Camelot have a chance to succeed. You will need all your wits about you as you untangle the twisted web Morgana has woven. Clever puzzles and traps line your way forward, but good sense and perserverance will lead you to victory.

  The game features amazing 3D rendered grahics and a fully interactive environment. The developers' unique character interpretations are reflected in the ground-breaking look of the game.

  Speak to any of the characters you encounter. Professional actors' voices are used for all the main characters, further enhancing the illusion of entering the ancient land of Arthur.

  This is an adventure game for the ages...