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  Ken Taylor and Lu Hanessian host the magazine program "Real Life," which made its debut on NBC's daytime schedule in March 1996. "Real Life" is a high-energy, topic-driven show that examines real people in their real lives. Every day, correspondents all over the country present the most interesting, exciting and touching local stories. The multi-segmented show explores a wide range of issues, such as relationships, health, family, fashion, politics and entertainment.

"Our goal is to tap into a broad cross-section of America for our stories," says Joel Cheatwood, the executive producer. "Naturally, staying in very close contact with NBC affiliates around the country is a must, along with diversifying the locations of our producers and correspondents so we can maintain as broad a perspective as possible."

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  NBC affiliates from around the nation regularly contribute to the show, which prides itself on being daytime television's "mirror to America." "Real Life" is based at NBC affiliate WHDH-TV in Boston and has national bureaus in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami and Chicago.

Taylor is best known for his on-camera work on E! Entertainment Television, VH-1, "Extra" and, at NBC Television Station WNBC-TV, "Weekend Today in New York." Hanessian most recently hosted "Have a Heart," a daily program on America's Talking.

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  Other regular contributors to the show include VH-1's John Fugelsang, who provides a humorous look at everyday life; Jeanne Becker, who reports on fashion and style; Ellen Latham, who offers fitness tips; Dr. Terri Hamilton, who provides relationship advice; and movie reviewer Sara Edwards. "Real Life" also features enlightening Gallup Poll Q&A's, an investigative segment called "What Were They Thinking?" and intriguing profiles of the "Real Life" Person-of-the-Week.

"We are thrilled to bring the daytime audience real stories from real people across America," says Susan Lee, the senior vice president of NBC Daytime Programs. "With 'Real Life,' NBC continues its tradition of offering daytime viewers programming that deals with the trials and tribulations of life in the '90s." "Real Life" is a co-production of Sunbeam Productions, WHDH-TV and NBC Studios. Neva Cheatwood is the co-executive producer.


  Day & time: Mondays-Fridays (daytime; check local station for time) on NBC

Hosted by: Lu Hanessian and Ken Taylor

Executive producer: Joel Cheatwood

Co-executive producer: Neva Cheatwood

Senior producer: David Hatcher

Supervising producer: Jennifer Donaldson

Coordinating producers: Karen Harris (New York), Jim Johnston

Associate producers: Omar Linares, Amy Masters, Megan Meaney and Rhonda Vinson

Assignment editor: Jennifer Martirano

Managing editor: Peggy Phillip

Origination: WHDH-TV, Boston, MA

Produced by: Sunbeam Productions, WHDH-TV and NBC Studios


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