The Goddess Sekhmet: Psycho-spiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way

The ancient Egyptian divinity returns and initiates the reader to her Fifth Way. As a result of the seeker's direct encounter with Sekhmet in a series of telepathic trance states, he is given the teachings of the sacred books of the Sekhmet that were lost, pillaged from the temples and destoyed by unbelievers. This is a book of the reconstructed scriptures and spiritual disciplines that will open its readers to the mysteries, numinous powers, and mind-body transformations of Sekhmet.

The Goddess Sekhmet
Llewellyn Publications, 1991 reprint
Amity House, 1988
ISBN 0-87542-495-3 [hard]
ISBN 0-87542-485-6 [paperback]

"Pioneer of modern consciousness research"

--Stanislav Grof, M.D., Esalen Institute

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Tell me about the book The Goddess Sekhmet: The Way of the Five Bodies

This webmistress' personal experience with Sekhmet, a relationship guided by Drs. Masters and Houston, and particularly enhanced by the processes within this book were most profound. My practice of Sekhmet's Way of the Five Bodies became liberating, transforming, enriching, and expanding.

My relationship with Sekhmet ultimately supported the emergance of a personal identity, an opening of the heart, a clearing of the head, and an integration of the heart/mind energies. Dr. Masters processes set into motion a sense of compassion for self, family and the larger world community. Interactions with Sekhmet activated the creative forces and supported manifestation and materialization of a very rich imaginal life.

I only have praise for Dr. Masters book.

--ellenHelga Weiland, LCSW

The author was given not only the way of the spiritual, magical, shadow, double and physical bodies as it was know in Egypt, but also the new knowledge--blended with the old. Also included are Sekhmet's story, her hundred Sacred Names, as well as her rites of meditation, prayer and exercises in body movment, awareness, mind expansion, imagination and creativity.

This book initiates readers into a direct experience of the lost feminine mysteries in and through the Living Goddess long repressed in our patriarchal world. She returns from exile to become a transfiguring source of a new earth centered ecology, and a new well of human wisdom, compassion and creativity.

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