You Asked for It! Emissary 2.0 Beta 4 - in two sizes!
July 29 release, October 31 expiration.

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Note: If an earlier Beta expired on your system, you need special instructions to install Beta 4!!! Check the HELP page now!

Files available:

If you are downloading using Emissary (or other applications with full featured ftp file management), when the directory appears, drag and drop the files you want to any location on your local drive. If you are downloading from "browsers", you may have to double-click on the file you want, then wait for the download to be completed before saving the file.

NOTE: You are free to redistribute this version of Emissary 2.0 Beta via any ELECTRONIC means, provided that you do not alter the distribution file, and provided that you inform your users of the EXPIRATION DATE of this (and/or future) release. If you redistribute Emissary via a high capacity ftp or BBS, please tell us; we'll list you here as a cooperative distribution site and provide you directly with new versions and other related information. Contact John Nagy ( for all redistribution matters.

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