2.0 Features

Emissary 2.0 is chockful of new features. Powerful functions give you access to all kinds of information and the ability to manipulate it. We've taken the 1.1 paradigm of drag-'n-drop and cross-object integration to new levels in this version.

Here's what Emissary 2.0 (Beta) looks like today. Web, Mail, News, File (FTP), and Host Access - which would be the "applications" in other products - are fully integrated Services or "objects" on the left side of the Emissary screen. Each Service is "best of breed."

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The web surfing Service is an HTML 3.0-Netscape-Explorer compliant web browser, but it doesn't stop at that. It is also a fully What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) HTML editor. This component supports tables, frames, embedded objects, in-line plug-ins, and much more. [Complete feature list]

The email Service is a fully MIME-HTML compliant multimedia client with support for advanced features like multimedia attachments in-line, filtering, autoforwarding, autoreplying, spell-checking, advanced addressing, archiving, offline operation etc. [Complete feature list]

The news Service is a state-of-the-art USENET newsreader with SSL support, automatic decoding and display of images, offline mode, asynchronous operations, spam defense, bozo lists, multiple folder support, article locking etc. [Complete feature list]

The files Service looks a lot like the Windows 95 Explorer (it was designed to look and work that way almost 2 years ago!) but with such advanced features like remote site management, file transfer and retrieval across the Internet, editing on remote filesystems, total drag-'n-drop support etc. [Complete feature list]

The host access Service is our own little terminal emulator supporting VT100 emulation, drag-'n-drop, colors, fonts, multiple sessions, cut-and-paste etc.

The main shell of Emissary is a powerful front-end to the COLT architecture that Emissary is based on and supports customizable toolbars, a drag-'n-drop tray, intelligent Agents, messages and notifications, on-the-fly virus checking, customizable themes, history lists, component manager, external application manager etc. [Complete feature list]

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