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Black Eye Productions has been publishing finer comics since nineteen ninety three, by such notable cartoonists as Nick Craine, Brian Biggs, Jeremy Eaton, Tom Hart, Dylan Horrocks, Jason Lutes, Sean Scoffield with Darren Raye, and Jay Stephens.

Welcome to our presence on the world wide web, where you can browse through our back stock, take a look at what Black Eye books are on your comic shop's shelves right now, and preview upcoming titles.

September 1


You can now order Black Eye comics and subscribe to your favourite title over the web using the Kagi Online Order Process system. Just go to the company store.

August 31


Dear Julia Pt. 3 cover and description in the reading rack

August 28


Pickle No. 9 excerpt available in the reading rack

Updated cover graphics for Berlin No. 2, The Land of Nod No. 2 and The Sands No. 1

August 22


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This site is an eyeSITE for the DAY AWARD WINNER!Canuck Site of the Day selection!

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