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Founded in 1988 by three Cambridge businessmen, the Cambridge Cable Group is currently building an advanced communications network which provides cable television and telephony services to homes and businesses within the four East Anglian franchise areas. The four franchises are: Cambridge Cable, Anglia Cable, East Coast Cable and Southern East Anglia Cable. The Cambridge Cable Group has grown to be one of the region's largest employers and is the largest contiguous geographical block of franchises in the UK with common ownership.

The group's first Cable television subscriber was connected in June 1991 and the first telecommunications services provided in late 1992. To date the group has over 80,000 customers. Together, the group's franchises cover approximately 500,000 homes and 25,000 businesses.

Although a local company, we are backed by Comcast Corporation.

Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation, a world leader in the provision of Cable television and communication services, currently holds a 100% ownership interest in Cambridge Cable Holdings. Based in the USA, Comcast Corporation serves approximately 7 million cellular customers worldwide. Other UK ownership interests held by subsidiaries of Comcast Corporation include Cable London Plc, Comcast Teeside Ltd and Birmingham Cable Ltd.

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