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Some well-known Equinox users

There are several thousand Equinox sites in Europe typically ranging from 5 - 100 user networks. Here are some of the better-known organisations who have implemented Equinox applications:

Service Industry

Peoples Phone Company plc
Mercury One 2 One

Allied Dunbar Assurance plc
Royal Insurance plc
Sun Alliance

London Transport
British Rail
Serco Group plc

Hogg Robinson BTI
Hilton International

Ernst & Young
Dun & Bradstreet
Hoskyns Group plc
Haden Young Ltd
Manweb plc

Technology Sector

J.V.C. (UK) Ltd
N.E.C. Electronics UK Ltd
Design to Distribution
Motorola UK

Rank Xerox Ltd
United Artists Communications
B.B.C. Television
Kodak Ltd

Public Sector

London Borough of Richmond on Thames
Stoke on Trent City Council
Bristol City Council
Oxfordshire County Council
North Yorkshire County Council
Centre Midi Gascogne

Rampton Hospital
Broadmoor Hospital
Northampton General Hospital
Royal London Hospital
Salford Health Authority

HM Prison Service

Northamptonshire Police
London Ambulance Service
Royal Berkshire Fire Service

Milton Keynes TEC
University College of Wales
De Montford University
Oxford University

Financial Sector

Chartered Trust plc
Benefical Bank plc
Mitsui & Co UK plc
Oppenheimer International Ltd
The Bank of Tokyo Ltd
Clerical Medical Investment Group
CCN Group

Industrial Sector

B.P. International Ltd
British Aerospace plc
Johnson Controls Ltd
Unipart Ltd
Allied Bakeries Ltd
Lyons Tetley Ltd
Blue Circle Industries plc
Norprint International Ltd
Guardian Newspapers Ltd
Rhones Poulenc
GEC Alsthom
Dassault SA
l'Air Liquide

Retail Sector

Somerfield & Gateway plc
J. Sainsbury plc
Bass plc
Travellers Fare Ltd
Woolworths plc

Energy Sector

British Gas plc TransCo
National Grid Co plc

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