Director of Athletics
John Swofford: 962-6000
Executive Associate Director of Athletics
Dick Baddour: 962-6000
Delores Jarrell, Administrative Assistant to Mr. Swofford
Joyce Dalgleish, Administrative Assistant; Debra Hoard, Sharon Wagner, Secretaries; Jimmy Womble, Bob McGilvary, Athletic Department Couriers; Angie King, Athletic Department Receptionist
Senior Associate Athletic Director for Olympic Sports
Beth Miller: 962-0463
Joan Holt, Secretary
Senior Associate Athletic Director/Facilities
Jeff Elliott: 962-6000
Ned Collett, Smith Center Managing Director: 962-7777
Angie Bitting, Smith Center Business Manager: 962-7777
Lisa Thomas, Assistant; Barry Joyce, Special Event Ops.: 962-7777
Clayton Womble, Smith Center Maint. Supervisor: 966-5389
Ginger Ray, Secretary: 966-5389
Curtis Cotton, Mitchell Kivett, Bryant Medlin, Randy Morris, Ron Pendleton, Chris Sparrow, Roger Whitman, Randy Young, Maintenance Staff: 966-5389


Associate Athletic Director and Director of Marketing
Bob Savod: 962-5191
Brian Perrucio, Assistant Sports Marketing Director: 962-5193
Anita Pickard, Adminsitrative Services Assistant: 962-5192
Diane Hawkins, Secretary: 962-5192


Assoc. Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Development
Jeff Madden: 962-1385
George Smith, Dir. of Strength & Conditioning -for Olympic Sports


Assoc. Athletic Director for Games Operations & Facilities
Willie Scroggs: 962-5555
Ellen Culler, Assistant Director of Games Operations: 962-5555
Connie Conway, Secretary: 962-5555
Eddie Goodwin, Director of Outdoor Facilities: 962-0579
David Andrews, Carl Boxberger, Kirk Brummett, David Burton, Timothy Gaines, Robert Gales, John Heath, Ron Johnson, Mark Knowles, Kyle Luzi, Rodney Morris, Bruce Noell, Edward Pike, Timothy Rice, Mark Seagroves, Jon Thomas, Charles Ward, Tommy Woody, Facilities Staff


Associate Athletic Director for Business and Finance
Martina Kendrick Ballen: 962-5411
Martha Davidson, Administrative Assistant: 962-5200
Mary -Bateman, Bonnie Wilson Accountants: 962-5196/5155
Marilyn Camp, Clerk: 962-0011


Associate Athletic Director for Communications
Rick Brewer: 962-2123/1376
Steve Kirschner, Director of Media Relations for Football & Men's Basketball
Dave Lohse, Director of Media Relations & Publications for Olympic Sports
Kevin Best, Matt Bowers, Beth McNichol, Assistant Directors
Lee Snyder, Media Relations Administrative Assistant


Asst. Athletic Director for Campus & Community Relations
John Lotz: 962-5218


Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations
Monk Tomlinson: 966-2575


Director of Academic Support Program
John Blanchard: 966-4102
Brian Davis, Assoc. Dir. Academic Support Program
Jean Bryant, Elizabeth Ancarana, Carolina Furry, Academic Counselors; Doug Roberts, Secretary


Moyer Smith, President: 962-2393
Neal Harrell, Vice President for Donor Services; John Cherry, Executive Vice President; Sue Walsh Stankavage, Vice President for Endowment; Dawn -McPherson, Administrative Vice President; Ernie Williamson, Consultant; Mary Baggett, Jean May, Terri Maynor, Secretaries; Gordon Flach, Clerk; Martha Cade, Processing Assistant; Jean Kindy, Allison Battle, -Receptionists


Ken Crowder, Smith Center: 962-0256
Gail Basnight, Woollen Gymnasium: 962-2125
Tom Davis, Woollen -Gymnasium: 962-5214


Ross Fowler, Golf Course Supervisor: 962-0580
Bonnie Borgesi, Secretary
Billy Williford, Golf Pro Shop Manager: 962-2349
Gene Holland, Sales Manager; Michael Wilkinson, Sales Clerk;
Mark Steffer, Grounds Supervisor; Matthew Byrd, Ricky Boger, Michael Faust, Mark Nusbaum, Charles Van Wie, Ken Walker, Grounds -Workers


Mack Brown, Head Coach: 966-2575
Eddie Williamson, Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line; Greg Davis, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks; Carl Torbush, Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers; Tim Brewster, Tight Ends; Ken Browning, Defensive Tackles/Camp Coordinator; Cleve Bryant, Receivers/Passing GameCoordinator/Recruiting Coordinator; Ron Case, Defensive Backs; Ken Mack, Running Backs; Donnie Thompson, Defensive Ends
Bruce Hemphill, Assistant to the Athletic Director
Chris Schleter, Dir. of Football Technical Support
Becky Medford, Coach Brown's Secretary
Maria Smith, Teresa Vanderford, Vickey Adcock, Secretaries
Dominic Morelli, Equipment Manager
Mike Bunting, Assistant Equipment Manager
Rudolph Rainey, Kenan Fieldhouse Custodian


Dean Smith, Head Coach: 962-1154
Bill Guthridge, Phil Ford, Dave Hanners, Assistant Coaches
Ben Cook, Strength Coach and Video Coordinator
Linda Woods, Coach Smith's Secretary
Kay Thomas, Angela Lee, Ruth Kirkendall, Secretaries


Baseball: 962-2351
Mike Roberts, Head Coach
Roger Williams, Chad Holbrook, Assistant Coaches
Melinda Blankenship, Secretary
Women's Basketball: 962-5187
Sylvia Hatchell, Head Coach
Andrew Calder, -Ann Hancock, Emily Johnson, Assistant Coaches:
Joan Nipper, Secretary: 962-5187
Fencing: 962-5221
Ron Miller, Head Coach
Field Hockey: 962-5230
Karen Shelton, Head Coach
Men's Golf: 962-2041
Devon Brouse, Head Coach
Women's Golf: 962-4273
Sally Austin, Head Coach
Gymnastics: 962-5213
Derek Galvin, Head Coach
Men's Lacrosse: 962-5216
Dave Klarmann, Head Coach
Women's Lacrosse: 962-0740
Jenny Slingluff, Head Coach
Men's Soccer: 962-0466
Elmar Bolowich, Head Coach
Women's Soccer: 962-4100
Anson Dorrance, Head Coach
Softball: 962-5223
Donna Papa, Head Coach
Swimming and Diving: 966-5340
Frank Comfort, Head Coach
Bill Tramel, Assistant Coach
Men's Tennis: 962-6060
Sam Paul, Head Coach
Women's Tennis
Kitty Harrison, Head Coach: 962-6262
Track and Field/Cross Country
Dennis Craddock, Head Coach: 962-5199
Curtis Frye, Assistant Head Coach: 962-5210
Volleyball: 962-5228
Joe Sagula, Head Coach
Wrestling: 962-5217
Bill Lam, Head Coach


Delaine Marbry: 962-5220
Jill Smith: 962-5231
Nellie Baber: 962-5552
Carmichael Auditorium: 962-5411
Faye Craddock, Receptionist


Tim Taft, Director of Sports Medicine: 966-3655
Bryan Smith, Head Team Physician
Dan Hooker, Coordinator of Athletic Training: 962-2067
Marc Davis, C.B. Lehn, Janine Oman, Don Steelman, Trainers


Daren Lucas, Director of Ticket Operations: 962-2296
Jane Carter, Assistant Director
Clint Gwaltney, Rick Hart, Ryan Meyer, John Moreland, Clerks

The mailing address for all offices in the University of North Carolina Athletic Department is:
P.O. Box 2126, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2126.

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