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Welcome to my web site. Who am I? My full name is Kevin Wayne Teague, but my friends just call me Kevin. I'm 24-years old and live in Nelson, BC, Canada. I work as a web designer / graphic designer at the Grathis Creative Group. When I'm not at work I like to drive around in my car or hang out at home with my shitty 486/66.

Phase 2

Want to know more about me? We'll, you've come to the right place. Phase 2 contains my online journal entries. Find out what I've been up to in the last few weeks, or even what I've been doing since february 1996. I add new journal entries every now and again, so check back irregularly for new stuff!


This section contains the guts of my web site. You'll find graphics, text and even text with graphics and graphics of text in here. I've got web pages in here for my friends, my car, and lots of bad web pages that I just couldn't bear to throw out so I threw 'em in here instead.

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! I've got a Devo section that's been neglected since the big letdown in august. One of these days I'm going to re-do the whole thing. That section is pretty dusty these days though.
This main page is also pretty new and I'm still in the process of tweaking it. I've got to fit in my What's New button somewhere still. And make a fancier graphic for the purple bar on the left. Maybe I'll get around to doing several different graphics you'll get a different random graphic each time you come here. Plus lots more in the works, so check back often!!!
Late breaking news Three journals entries in six days. This third one is called Royal Russian. Read all about how I did absolutely nothing on Sunday!!!
Another journal entry. More content! More fun! Check out what I wrote after I woke up on November 2nd.
I put up a journal entry on October 30th. I titled it Shareware but I mostly talk about thanksgiving.
I have finally gotten access back to my email account. kteague@awinc.com is back online!

Keep on putting
Looking for a way out of this mess? It's just a two-foot putt to the next site.
I'm featuring a link to the best site on the whole world wide web right now, so don't miss this link. Suck cuts into the web with two new columns every weekday. Especially good is the Vacuum on mondays and Filler on wednesdays. If you already go to the suck site occasionally, why don't you make the site your default start-up site? I have.

This web site was with made with Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Wordpad, CuteFTP and Corel Photo-Paint.
Folger's coffee, Faisca rose wine, Catelli tomato basil linguini, Ragu Thick & Chunky and Salt Peter by Ruby helped to get this web page finished.
Some web sites that inspired this site are suck, David Siegel's site and Justin Hall's site.
Did you know that you are the 510th visitor since about the middle of the summer of '96?