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Net Services

Hypertech provides a whole host of World Wide Web services, at some of the best rates on the Internet. Feel free to contact us today, and ask how Hypertech can provide complete Internet solutions for your business.

We Create Web Sites!

Hypertech provides complete Internet solutions Hypertech designs and produces the highest quality World Wide Web Multimedia sites for businesses wishing an Internet presence. Hypertext documents, original & scanned artwork, and CGI & Java programs are all created in house by our experienced staff. Web sites are created by Hypertech for a wide range of budgets, and are made an affordable venture for not only large and medium sized corporations, but also small and new businesses.

For a few examples of corporate sites produced by Hypertech, check out the Computer Technology Research Corp (technical report publisher), KanaPack International (vinyl packaging manufacturer / distributor), and Tele-Direct [Publications] Inc (publisher of the Yellow Pages). Of particular interest is the custom book ordering system that we installed at the Computer Technology Research Corp's site, which was recently named the best site in Charleston, North Carolina!

Contact us today and let us know how Hypertech can fulfill your Internet multimedia site needs.

Custom CGI and Java Programming

Online ordering systems are profitable Custom programming for the Internet is the bread and butter of Hypertech's operation. We cover the complete range of World Wide Web CGI and Java applications, including interactive guest books, online ordering systems, database applications, mail gateways, inline movies, and clickable imagemaps. Check out the custom ordering system that Hypertech designed for the Computer Technology Research Corp from which you can order technical reports for a wide variety of computer related topics. Even more sophisticated is the innovative database ordering system that we designed for Tele-Direct [Publications] Inc, from which you can order White and Yellow-Pages directories from around the world. Online ordering systems have been shown to be profitable, and can be made an important part of your business.

Examples of CGI and Java programs in this site include the clickable ImageMap and slide show on our home page, as well as an interactive guest book which automatically and immediately emails your comments to us.

Feel free to contact us and ask how custom programming can benefit your site and your business.

Internet & WWW Consulting

Perhaps your company has realized that it wants a Web site, but you don't know where to begin. Maybe you have an existing site that requires a little polish. Contact us for a free Internet consultation to discuss how a new or exisisting Web site can be made to work for your business.

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