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The purpose of this WWW Server is to provide information about the School of Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University and its library, and to disseminate information on all aspects of employer-employee relations and workplace issues.

This WWW Server is always undergoing construction and modification.

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Button General Information about the ILR School, including info for Visitors, Admissions Materials, and the ILR Departmental and Experts Directories.

Button Martin P. Catherwood Library information services, including reference advice and an Electronic Bookshelf of collections, databases, archives of government documents such as the Glass Ceiling reports, school publications, and more!

Button Course descriptions, Class Homepages, reserve lists, career resources, and other Student Information Services.

Button Check out our gallery of ILR Departments, Institutes, and Affiliated Organizations who have homepages on this server or elsewhere on the Web, such as the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies.

Button Look at the Industrial and Labor Relations Virtual Library, an index of other Internet resources, including Gopher, Web, FTP and mailing lists, in related fields.

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