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Corporate Identity

The corporate identity consists of positioning the logo centred on the right margin. All text, names and addresses are placed to the left of the logo in an expanding pattern. This pattern, as seen below, is indicative of a wake created by a moving particle. The "data bit" and its wake symbolize characteristics of the corporation's industry: high technology communications: wave propogation, signal amplification and high speed data. The logo leading the text on the page signifies the corporation leading the industry with excellence in service.

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[Ingenia Logo]

Corporate Logo

Ingenia's logo is an abstract graphic of a "data bit" accelerating through a fibre optic cable. The "data bit" reflects the like qualities of fibre optics data transmission and the corporation: efficiency, agility and integrity.

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Corporate Typeface

The typeface for stationery is Geometric 415 and for correspondence is Times. Geometric is a sans serif type that is chosen for its modern, clean and simple appearance whereas Times is a standard, timeless, business type. This juxtaposition accentuates the high technology firm's competence and precision as a young, energetic corporation.

Corporate Colours

Metallic Purple (Pantone 8802C) and Metallic Silver (Pantone 8403C) were chosen for their historical significance in the Engineering community and the foundation of the company's talented associates. The metallic effect displays the semiconductor characteristics of a silicon wafer - the basis for all electronic circuits.

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