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Inso offers end users a variety of multilingual spelling-correction, file viewing, and file filtering technology products. To access brief descriptions of these award-winning utilities, click on a specific product name in the list below, or scroll through Inso's entire end-user product family.

Each of these products is available through several channels, including direct purchase from this site, and through software retailers, resellers, and distributors worldwide. Single copies are available for individual home and office use. For corporate and government environments with multiple users, Inso offers a variety of site license arrangements. For more information about these different purchase options, please see the Purchase page.

Note: Application developers who are interested in building these Inso technologies into their products should refer to the OEM Products page.

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The Unbelievably Useful Utility for Windows Users.
Find out why 40,000 people have started using Quick View Plus in the last three months.
It is hard to believe -- a utility so versatile and flexible it lets you view, print, and manage virtually any file -- no matter what its source or format.

Quick View Plus helps you make the most of your Windows operating system. It transforms the Quick View feature in Windows 95 from a convenient utility to a powerful productivity tool. It is also available for Windows 3.1. All are based on award-winning Outside In® viewing technology.

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Quick View Plus in the Corporate Environment
Download the FREE Quick View Plus Trialware version 3.0.3 (4.0 trialware coming soon)

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Never Misspell Your Internet E-Mail Again!
Find out why 10,000 people have started using CyberSpell 2.0 in the past three months.

The #1 word-processing spell checker is now available for the Internet. CyberSpell is an add-on spell-checking program that seamlessly integrates into Netscape Navigator e-mail. Developed specifically for the Internet e-mail environment, CyberSpell combines Inso Corporation's industry-standard spell checking with unparalleled proofing functionality to provide correction for spelling, punctuation, formatting, spacing, capitalization errors - and more.

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Download the FREE CyberSpell 2.0 Trialware

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Updated English Spelling Dictionary
InWords™ 1.5 updated spelling dictionary increases the accuracy of your Microsoft Office, Word Perfect or Lotus SmartSuite spell checker by adding thousands of new words to your existing spelling dictionary. By expanding the breadth, depth, and scope of your spelling dictionary, InWords saves you valuable time when writing and editing your documents.

The InWords up-to-date spelling dictionary, with a base of 118,000 US and UK English words, adds more than 27,000 new words and 13,000 terms from the business, computer (including Internet), financial, insurance, and legal industries.

In an era when an estimated 4,000 new words are added to the English language each year, InWords is a must!

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Technical Spelling Dictionaries
If you work with technical documents, you know that your spell checker frequently encounters specialized words that are not in a standard English spelling dictionary supplied with your word processor. Every such word requires a manual look-up, then a pause while you decide what to do -- valuable time wasted for specialized technical words that were spelled correctly in the first place!

SciWords technical dictionaries eliminate these frustrating "word not found" messages by adding thousands of specialized terms in the fields of Biology, Agriculture, Chemistry, Environmental science, Technology, and Biochemistry to your existing Microsoft Office, WordPerfect or Lotus SmartSuite spelling dictionary.

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Download the FREE Word Viewer Plug-in The Unbelievably Useful Plug-in for Netscape Navigator 2.0!
Based on Quick View Plus, the Word Viewer Plug-in gives you the power to instantly view any Microsoft Word 6.0 or 7.0 document from within Netscape Navigator 2.0.

It's quick and easy to download, and it's simple to install. Best of all, It's absolutely FREE! Currently the Word Viewer Plug-in is available for Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, and Windows 3.1.

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Let nothing stand in the way of your vision!
New from Inso - an add-on component to Microsoft Office providing the fastest, easiest way to incorporate your graphics into documents and presentations produced in Microsoft Office. Your graphics file converting days are over!

ImageStream for Microsoft Office seamlessly installs 20 additional and 15 enhanced graphics filters into Office. Now you can instantly import CAD drawings, Adobe Illustrator files, and much more into Office applications.

Enhance the delivery and communication value of manuals, training documents, and sales presentations and even use and view graphics developed in other departments that you couldn't use before with the powerful ImageStream graphics file format support found in ImageStream for Microsoft Office.

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