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Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space Strategy

"We choose to go to the moon.."

-John F. Kennedy

One small step for mankind, one giant leap for you... if you've got the right stuff to land a rocket on the moon. And if you can do it before the Russians.

In Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space Enhanced CD-ROM, you'll experience man's greatest adventure with actual footage of historic US and Soviet space missions. You'll train and recruit astronauts and cosmonauts. Utilize US or Russian space equipment for your flybys, emergency rescues and lunar passes, orbits and landings. Research and develop the hardware you'll need for the mission, then guide your team into space. Mission Control will even give you reports of your progress.

But remember, the Russians want to get there first, so you've got to make the right decisions every step of the way. With nine levels of difficulty and 20 different approaches to the moon, you're in for a challenge and education that's out of this world.

Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space includes:

Do you have the Right Stuff?

Download the demo version(1 MB) for the PC.
System Requirements:
IBM/Tandy and 100% compatibles. 386SX or better. 4MB RAM. 2.6 MB EMS. VGA graphic card. Hard drive. Sound Blaster, SB Pro & SB16, Gravis Ultrasound, Adlib, Pro Audio Spectrum. CD-ROM Drive
System Requirements:
Does not include multi-media video footage, voice-overs or modem and E-Mail capabilities. IBM/Tandy & 100% compatibles with 640K RAM. DOS 3.1 or higher required. VGA/MCGA required (320X200X256 colors). Supports: Microsoft Mouse. Sound Boards supported: Adlib, Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles, Sound Blaster Pro, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland LAPC-1MT32/SCC-1 and compatibles, Gravis Ultrasound. 286 AT 12mhz or faster required. Hard disk required. No disk copy protection.

Order line: (800) INTERPLAY
Ordering code: INTWEB
Product number (CD): ICD-024-0
Product number (Disk): IBM-024-3

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