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Global peace through deadly force

Join the ranks of an elite United Nations strike force that scrambles to hot spots when conflict erupts. Lead a team of the world's top pilots on missions against Argentina's invasion of Chile, Cuba's sinister alliance with Colombian drug cartels and more.

*2 Million Square Miles
Breathtaking terrain generated from actual government data.
Cinematic Interface
*Cinematic Interface
Explore your aircraft carrier using an engaging 3-D animated interface. Visit the hangar, quarters, library, operations, and even the flight deck.
*Detailed Scenery/Dynamic Weather Including thousands of buildings, towers, airports, rivers, and more - plus dynamic weather and tranparent clouds!
Mulitmedia Encyclopedia
*Multimedia Encyclopedia:
On-line database of over 60 modern aircraft and armaments with over 300 photographs, 3-view schematic drawings, digitized sounds, and expert commentary.
2 Million Square Miles
* Next generation graphics
Revolutionary real-world 3-D terrain rendering for phenomenal visuals at any altitude.

Detailed Scenery

Exensive Combat Zones
*Extensive Combat Zones:
Fly explosive missions over diverse regions like South America, Cuba, Antarctica, U.S.A., and others.

Nex Generation Graphics

Terrifying Carrier Landings
*Terrifying Carrier Landings
Even more true to life landings on a treacherous pitching and rolling flight deck.
Full Arsenal of Hi-Tech Weapons
*Full Arsenal of Hi-Tech Weapons
Including: Sidewinders, AMRAAM's, Phoenix, Mk82 bombs, Vulcan cannons and laser-guided Maverick missiles.

Unsurpassed Features

System Requirements Supported Recommended
486-66MHz or better
Hard Disk (10MB free)
MS-DOS 5.0 or later
SVGA 256 color card
Joystick (including advanced models)
Rudder Pedals
Pentium 100MHz+

Please read the jf3test.txt before you download this demo!

This is a early beta demo and a "work-in-progress" and requires a Pentium 90.
Final release version will run on 486/66.
The demo has 4 "time limited" mission fragments that run from 2 to 4 minutes, and this demo highlights the action parts of the game. We will be updating this demo/test periodically. Please check the release version number. (This first demo is version 9.0)

Download the jf3test.exe Demo (9.2mb).
To install, run "jf3test *.* -d" from the directory you saved the file to.

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Check out some screenshots and newer screenshots or visit the Mission Studios web site for more info on JetFighter III.

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