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An original title over three years in the making, Stonekeep is a powerful and mesmerizing epic adventure redefining the traditional dungeon experience. Free from cumbersome computer tasks that destroy the reality, Stonekeep immerses the player in an environment which allows the full feeling of using their own hands and feet to do battle with disembodied foes as they rescue their allies from evil and liberate massive dragons from bondage. Players will encounter creatures so unpredictable it will engage their mind and captivate their soul.

The player will embark on a journey in discovery of himself after a virtuous goddess steals his soul under the guise of safekeeping. The player's quest is to save the universe from a certainty of doom by horrifying miscreants while searching to regain his own humanity. This game is guaranteed to steal the heart, mind, body and soul of any player brave enough to give in to the experience.

A fantasy role-playing game of paramount proportions, Interplay has committed a total of over 25 staff-years of a dedicated team of producers, designers, programmers and recognized Hollywood professionals to develop an experience that transcends the traditional limits of computer games. Full-screen graphics with 3D-rendered dungeons and creatures, bring the story and scenery to life, allowing the player to experience the full intensity of the adventure. With a distinctive interface that utilizes only the mouse and cursor keys, Stonekeep has no distracting menus or icons, allowing the player to make intuitive game decisions without delay as they span 13 spectacular domains. Heart-pounding sound effects and an original score round out the captivating experience that is Stonekeep.

The non-interactive demo is available above or from the Demo Page. The Interactive Demo will not be available on the website due to the size (>120MB). It is available on CD in the stores now!

Stonekeep will be available from Interplay November 8th, 1995.

System Requirements 486/33MHz or Better IBM compatible 8 Megs RAM & DOS 5.0 or Higher 256-Color VGA Hard Drive with 32 Megs Free Space Single-Speed CD-ROM Drive (150K/Sec) 100% Microsoft Compatible Mouse Recommended 486/66MHz or Pentium SVGA General MIDI/Digital Stereo Sound Card (Sound Blaster Compatible)
PC Entertainiment Editor's Choice Award Best RPG `96 Computer Player Best RPG 1995

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