In only eight years, ITE has become the world's preferred supplier of interactive games for television. We believe this is due to our philosophy that games should not be interactive just for the sake of interactivity. First of all, the games must be entertaining for both the viewers and the players. The world has responded to this philosophy, and in several countries the ratings of the shows that include our games have gone through the roof.

Our games are currently played in more than 20 countries, and more countries will undoubtedly follow. It has been recognized that ITE's proven track record as a supplier of interactive entertainment makes us the best available option.

ITE is based in the center of wonderful Copenhagen. Over the years, ITE has attracted some of the most creative and skilled experts in the fields of animation, graphics, computers, sound effects and other disciplines required to create a success. The members of ITE's staff are dedicated to produce the world's best interactive entertainment and continue to enhance their knowledge in their respective field.

The experienced staff combined with the latest technology available and a true desire to create the best interactive entertainment available - ever - is what gives ITE the strength to move upwards. ITE will use this strength to keep on maintaining its position as the world's preferred supplier of interactive games for television.

Your welcome to contact ITE at:
ITE - Interactive Television Entertainment
Jagtvej 157
DK-2200 Copenhagen N
Phone: +45 35 82 82 99
Fax: +45 35 82 82 90
E-mail: ite@ite.dk

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