Animation Mask System

He's alive, isn't he..?
Yes, Hugo and the Commentator in Crazy Cartoon Soccer may "only" be cartoon characters, but with the amazing Animation Mask System, it is sometimes pretty hard to believe.

The Animation Mask System (AMS) is an application able to control any image. It is used to make Hugo and the Commentator in Crazy Cartoon Soccer seem alive and capable of having real conversations with their human co-hosts. This lifelikeness is invaluable with respect to creating real rapport between the viewers and the cartoon characters.

But how does it work..?
The AMS consists of a helmet, a remote control and a hardware module. The helmet is outfitted with a complex system of motion sensors that read the facial expressions of the actor wearing the helmet. At the same time the actor uses the joystick on the remote control to manipulate eye and head movements.

You want more..?
We can create a character to suit the needs of your show, and have it speak your own language. Furthermore, you can record the character in front of a blue-screen or have ITE create a background of your choice. For even more excitement, you can add pre-rendered animations.

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