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[Konami logo] Policenauts for Saturn

Randy Severin
Senior Product Manager


This Critically-Acclaimed Sequel to "Snatcher" From Konami (America) Inc. Makes Its Debut for the Sega Saturn at E3.

BUFFALO GROVE, IL--(May, 1996)--It wasn’t so long ago when Sega CD gamers were first transported to the year 2047 and placed right in the midst of a cyber-punk, war-torn Neo-Kobe, Japan. Snatcher took gamers on a surreal, futuristic quest, and found itself on the leading edge of role play/adventure games. Now, Konami (America) Inc. takes Sega Saturn gamers back in time to the year 2010, for an intense, totally unique RPG experience found in Policenauts, the highly-anticipated sequel (or rather prequel) to Snatcher.

Policenauts incorporates the same type of complex, well-rounded characters and multi-layered storyline that make it an interactive and riveting ride from start to finish. Heralded as the most cinematic game ever, Policenauts provides gamers with a truly film-like experience that advances the game and storyline in ways stills never could.

"Where the storyline actually takes place before Snatcher, the rich graphic textures and perfectly orchestrated soundtrack are definite advances in this challenging and enticing game," states Konami (America) Inc. consumer division president Andrew Donchak. "Policenauts takes RPG fans into the realm of the ultra-suspenseful, on-the-edge-of-your-seat adventure they have been longing for."

"The mysterious storyline, the complex twists and turns and the ever-deepening plot keep gamers delving further and further into the future-world of Beyond Coast, mankind’s first fully-functional, self-contained space colony," states senior product manager Randy Severin. "An incredibly intricate CD music track combines with audio character dialogue to make Policenauts an even more engrossing, engaging adventure for the true RPG fan."

As gamers work to reveal one shocking truth after another, the story unfolds in a prologue, seven acts and an epilogue. And just when you think you’ve reached the final conclusion, you realize the horrible details are even more unbelievable that you could have ever imagined.

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