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This WWW-server integrates both the Gopher-based and the WWW-based offerings of the Legal Information Institute (LII), Cornell Law School. All Internet hypertext (HTML) publications of the LII are mounted here, with links to other relevant legal materials on the LII's Gopher server and elsewhere on the Internet.

This server offers the LII's hypertext front-end to recent Supreme Court decisions (which are distributed on the day of decision under project Hermes) and its growing collection of historic decisions, the LII's collection of recent opinions of the New York Court of Appeals and the liibulletin-ny (which provides analysis of selected decisions), the LII's hypertext version of the full U.S. Code and many other important legal documents. It holds the LII's e-mail address directory of faculty and staff at U.S. law schools, and is host to the Cornell Law Review. It provides full information aboutCello, the LII's Internet browser, and about LII published hypertext law materials on disk. It also offers information about Cornell Law School and the Cornell Law Library.
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