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Links to other renju sites in the world:
Richard's Play-By-eMail Server. Play with other players DOS-game gomoku Amiga GoMoku game
Win Five - play online Internet playable Renjuprogram Korean Java Gomoku program
Play gomoku on-line with computer
DOSgame-gomoku2 Search here for game files
Proof - Black wins in free GoMoku DOS-game pente Search here for game sites
The rules in Finnish UNIX pente game Newsgroup

Links to other pages with strategy games:
Yahoo games page Xiangqi (Chinese-chess) Swedish Go Info
Games Domain Shogi (Japanese Chess)

Links to photos from Jönköping where RIF is situated:
Info about Jönköping in English A view from the Jönköping city park
A view from above lake Vättern Photos of outdoors art from Jönköping

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If you use Netscape with plug-in ASAP Web Show (which plug-in can be downloaded here) you will find a short presentation about RIF and Renju here.

If you use Netscape 2.0 with plug-in ASAP Web Show (which plug-in can be downloaded here) and if you can read swedish you will find a short presentation about the Swedish Renju Federation here

Do you want to download many RIF photos easy or any Webpage including photos and several levels of pages under this Web-page including photos?

On the RIF Web-page for photos there are about 150 photos from the Renju World. If you want to download many photos you have to download each photo separately. You can go to There you are able to download 40 jpg-photos in file "" (1105 Kb). You can read (often historical) comments to the photos in the text-file "r3inpic.txt" (9 Kb).

There is also a program that you can download called