Councillors, May 1996

Councillors by Name

Councillors are listed alpabetically by surname. Each councillor's name is followed by their ward. Click on a ward to see details of other local councillors and advice sessions.

AKHTAR, Mohammed Longsight
ANDREWS, Paul G. Woodhouse Park
ASHLEY, James Gorton South
ASHLEY, Simon Gorton South
BARNES, Ken Blackley
BARRETT, Hugh Sharston
BERRY, Griffith Sharston
BLOCH, Kathleen Barlow Moor
BRACEGIRDLE, Sandra Northenden
BRIDGES, John Gorton South
BRIDSON, Geoffrey Didsbury
BURNS, Tony Baguley
BYRNE, John Rusholme
CARROLL, Gerry Northenden
CHAUDHRY, Jawaid Rusholme
CLAYTON, Richard Beswick and Clayton
COLLINS, Leo Woodhouse Park
COMMONS, John Levenshulme
CONQUEST, Gordon Central
CONQUEST, Patricia Central
COOLEY, Susan M. Brooklands
COOPER, Henry Moston
CURLEY, Basil Charlestown
DOBSON, Ken Beswick and Clayton
DONALDSON, Iain Gorton North
DUNGEY, Peter Hulme
DUNICAN, Martina Beswick and Clayton
EDWARDS, Val Crumpsall
EVANS, Glynn Brooklands
FARRELL, Thomas Baguley
FENDER, Andrew Old Moat
FINDLOW, Thomas Central
FIRTH, Alison Withington
FRANKLIN, Kenneth Lightbowne
FRY, Kath Whalley Range
GARSIDE, Albert Newton Heath
GILMORE, John Bradford
GREEN, Michael Burnage
HACKETT, Mark Charlestown
HARDING, George Benchill
HARRISON, Brian Old Moat
HELSBY, Wendy Gorton North
HOBIN, Eric Charlestown
HUMPHREYS, Mary Chorlton
INCHBOLD, Cath Lightbowne
JONES, Audrey Withington
JONES, Gerald Baguley
KANE, Mike Northenden
KARNEY, Pat Harpurhey
KELLER, Joyce Sharston
KELLY, Eileen Blackley
KELLY, Paul Bradford
LEESE, Richard Crumpsall
LUNTS, David Hulme
LYONS, Harold Blackley
McGUINNESS, John Cheetham
MALONEY, Arthur Barlow Moor
MAMBU, Yomi Rusholme
MASZTALERZ, Richard Didsbury
MOGHAL, Khan Longsight
MORRISON, Peter Fallowfield
MULLIN, Patrick Moston
MURPHY, Lawrence Ardwick
MURPHY, Sue Brooklands
MYERS, Roni Benchill
NANGLE, Claire Moss Side
O'CALLAGHAN, Tom Ardwick
O'CONNOR, Damien Newton Heath
OLANIYAN, Christopher Cheetham
O'NEIL, Brian Woodhouse Park
PAGEL, Martin Cheetham
PEARCEY, Jackie Gorton North
RATHBONE, Dorothy Whalley Range
REID, Bernice Fallowfield
RISBY, Bill Lightbowne
ROBINSON, Kath Burnage
ROWLES, Maria Levenshulme
ROWSWELL, Kevin Hulme
ROYLE, David Fallowfield
SELBY, Bernard Chorlton
SHAW, Derek Moston
SIDDIQI, Nilofar Harpurhey
SIMCOCK, Andrew Withington
SMITH, John Newton Heath
SMITH, Sheila Bradford
SMYTH, Pamela A. Didsbury
SPENCER, Arnold Old Moat
SPINKS, Alan Crumpsall
STEVENS, Valerie Chorlton
STONE, Bernard Whalley Range
STRATH, Ken Longsight
STRINGER, Graham Harpurhey
SUMMERS, Irene Ardwick
TAYLOR, Marilyn Burnage
WARREN, Niel Benchill
WHEALE, Simon Barlow Moor
WHITMORE, Keith Levenshulme
YOUNG, Vince Moss Side

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