The exciting world of integrated professional MIDI sequencing, notation editing, and digital audio recording is yours with LOGIC AUDIO FOR WINDOWS 95. Arrange MIDI and audio tracks on one surface, edit the pitch and length of a digital audio track in one process, adapt the groove of your MIDI tracks to the groove of an audio track, and turn monophonic digital recordings into printed score. Replicate your studio in the virtual world of the Environment. Create polished Scores quickly and easily with an expanding range of notation tools. LOGIC AUDIO's extensive set of sequencing features will get more from your MIDI instruments than you thought possible. All this power and more will help you understand why a fast-increasing number of users say that this is the best software available for music and audio.

Arrange window
Get into your music in more ways than you can imagine. Manipulate entire compositions in the Arrange window. Move notes on musical staves, or view the MIDI data in the Event List. Zoom in to individual samples with the Stereo Sample Editor. Hyper Draw™ even lets you draw volume, pan and other controller information right alongside your music. Customise LOGIC AUDIO's user interface with definable Screen-sets™ and Key Commands.

Expand your creativity with the Digital Factory's™ range of power tools. The Groove Machine™ and Quantize Engine™ offer you an impressive array of quantization options for digital audio recordings. The Audio To Score Streamer™ quickly creates notation and MIDI sequences from monophonic audio tracks. Extract the Groove from an audio recording and create an Audio To MIDI Groove Groove Template window
Template™ which you can then use as a quantization template on your MIDI recordings.

The Digital Factory also includes the Audio Energizer™ (above),which maximises the output of an audio file, and the Silencer™, for low level noise reduction.

The Time Machine (below) allows you to make simultaneous yet independent alterations to the Time Machine
pitch and/or length of an audio recording with impressive speed and quality: the processing of a file with, for instance, a Pentium 100, may even take less time than the length of the file itself, depending on the material. Correct a singer's pitch, shorten a jingle, or create new sounds. Thanks to built in multitasking, manipulations can be carried out during playback. The Universal Audio Object in the Environment makes setup and operation of your audio hardware easy. You can use most Windows compatible 16-bit soundcards* with LOGIC AUDIO. Or install
Main window
additional audio hardware to take advantage of Digidesign's DAE for Windows that's also included as standard.

Modern, powerful, and able to adapt to your changing needs, LOGIC AUDIO is your best choice, now and for the future.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 95 only, min.16 MByte RAM, min. 486 DX2/66 (Pentium 90 or higher strongly recommended); Mutimedia compatbie harddisk(s); Windows compatible 16-bit soundcard.* Maximum 8 tracks. The number of audio tracks available is determined by your hardware configuration.

Modern, flexible and powerful. Fully integrated MlDl, Scoring and Digital Audio Software for Windows 95.

LOGIC AUDIO for Windows 95 is where Audio, MIDI and Scoring are fused together as an integral whole. LOGIC, with its 960 ppqn timing and 1/10,000 bpm tempo resolution, was designed from the outset to work hand-in-hand with digital audio. Seamless integration of digital audio and MIDI in LOGIC AUDIO greatly expands your creative potential. Our 32-bit program code guarantees optimal performance under Windows 95; DSP-intensive processes are performed with ease, efficiency and ultra-fast screen redraws. Editing audio is easy with the Digital Factory which includes a Stereo Sample Editor, the Time Machine and Groove Machine. Most audio manipulations are reversable and take place in the background to allow you to keep working. There are many synchronization options for multimedia and soundtrack production.
Main window 2

Your MIDI and Audio recordings are assembled on one surface in the Arrange window (above). Record multiple Sequences per track. Entire sections of music can be gathered together into Folders for ease of handling or collectively edited using several editors at once. Loop both Audio and MIDI recordings, zoom in artd out, assign colors, and also cut, copy and paste. This flexible, three-dimensional structure means that even the most complex arrangements are easy to navigate and manipulate. You'll now work faster and more enjoyably.

Ask your EMAGIC dealer for a demonstration today. See for yourself why thousands of creative professionals around the world have chosen LOGIC AUDIO.

Multimedia PC, Creative Labs Compatible.

Key Score Features

Key Sequencer Features

Key Audio Features

Digital Factory with

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Universal Audio Object with

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