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A shining beacon calling out to people just like you, only different.


Read the June 7th Announcement about MindVox accounts being transfered to Interport.

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MindVox is an online community. We invite you to walk in, look around, stay and get comfortable. To really enjoy the full wonder of MindVox, however, you need to become a member. Sign up with our registration form and your account will be validated within a couple of minutes.


Meet the members of this unique community, surf our twisted home pages, or check to see who's online with our Visual Stalking Aid.


The forums are the most visible point of interaction for the MindVox community. There are forums dedicated to discussions of topics ranging from tcp/ip to vomit, and most of the points between.

Your Account

For members only; check for system notices and motds, or change your account settings.


MindVox's online software library, with collections of programs for Macs, Windows, Nextstep, and other computers, as well as search tools and other cool web toys.


Technical Help for users of MindVox dial-up Internet services. Includes information on getting a SLIP or PPP connection up and running one Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and the Macinitosh, and creating your own Web pages on the MindVox Web server.

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