MindVox Customers:

This is the announcement many of you have been waiting for about the future (and the present) of MindVox. We're sorry to have kept you waiting while so many rumors were flying back and forth. To get right the point, this is what is happening: MindVox is getting out of the business of being an Internet Access Provider, and transfering all of its dialup accounts to Interport.

Please note that the changes described here ONLY affect dial-up customers. Those of you who telnet in will not be affected, other than the fact that you will no longer be charged for access to the system.

For those of you who don't know, Interport is an Internet Access Provider in NYC, one of the oldest and biggest, and recently featured in New York Magazine as having the best service in NYC. In addition to being a neighboor of ours, they offer excellent service and are well perpared to take over the accounts.

The reasons why we are doing this and what we intend to do in the future are something we will delve into elsewhere, but the important thing is that MindVox not is going to disappear, it is just going to change. It is our intention that this change will improve MindVox in the ways in which it is unique, and free us to focus on those areas of running the system which are interesting, creative, fun or otherwise personally rewarding.

The MindVox BBS will be reachable only by telneting to the user host machine. All user accounts will remain active, but there will be no dial-ups on our network and so the only way to reach us will be via the Internet.

For every currently active dial-up MindVox user, there has been a corresponding account created on Interport. Those of you who have account names on MindVox which were also available on Interport have been assigned the same account names. Those of you w ho's account names were not available on Interport's system, have been assigned alternate account names which are listed on Interport's web site at http://www.interport.net/mindvox

Please note that Interport offers only one type of account. For $25 per month you will receive both shell and SLIP/PPP. Interport does not offer shell-only accounts. All the information you will need to get started with Interport is available on the We b at http://www.interport.net/mindvox. Interport customer service can be reached at the following telephone numbers:

212 989 1128
203 316 5547
914 699 9076
516 466 3632

or by sending email to support@interport.net

All billing records and customer information is being transfered to Interport, so that they may continue service for each Vox account. If you do NOT wish to continue your service with Interport, please call them at one of the phone numbers lists above and cancel the account.

The other major change which is going to take place is in the handling of the phantom.com domain. Once the cutover is complete, MindVox will be using mindvox.com as its primary domain and mail for phantom.com will be re-directed to interport.net.

We will be posting this announcement and the press release which just went out to the MindVox forum, and to our web page.

The schedule for the transfer is as follows:

June 7 Interport accounts have been created for and are available to Phantom

June 14 Email for phantom.com is redirected to Interport. Phantom users must access Interport to receive their phantom.com email. Phantom users personal WWW pages transferred to Interport.

June 30 Dial-in access through Phantom network is shutdown. Phantom users must dial into Interport to access the Internet.