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mIRC's version 4.6 is now available worldwide.

IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat, offers a world-wide multi-user chat network, where people meet to talk in groups, or privately. Lots of people can participate in the real time discussions, and the number of topics covered on IRC is endless. On IRC you'll meet people with the same ideas and interests, and making friends for life is not unusual. IRC can host your business meetings and it can be your virtual hide-out!
To connect to IRC you'll need a small chat program like mIRC. mIRC is the shareware IRC chat program made for Windows by Khaled Mardam-Bey. It offers a fast and clean interface to IRC and it is well equipped with options and tools. You can download mIRC for free!

* The Latest News on mIRC. The new mIRC offers lots of improvements in handling of remotes, aliases and commands. Some anoying things are fixed and lots of code is reviewed, tuned, and updated to meet new server-client protocols. A fresh list of servers and networks in included and also available on the servers page.

* Introduction to IRC.
* Frequently Asked Questions about IRC.

* Introduction to mIRC.
* What does mIRC look like.
* The handy tools mIRC offers you.
* How configurable is mIRC.
* A reference list with mIRC's commands.

mircnow * Instructions for Net Newbies and Download Dummies.
* Download the latest mIRC, IRC Intro or FAQ.
* How to register mIRC.

* Links from the WWW to IRC.
* Servers and IRC Networks you can use with mIRC.
* Frequently Asked Questions about mIRC.
* Links and References to more Information.

These pages will continue to provide you with the latest information on mIRC, so check back often :-)

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