Dewey defeats Truman!

Hellraiser Central
Hellraiser Tim Anderson takes on powerful House Republican Henry Hyde to get to the bottom of the S&L; scandal. Plus: Sing along with Ross Perot and his campaign CD, "Rhythms of Reform," in Sideshow.

Robbing the Cradle
You'll be amazed at the people we caught "giving" money to Clinton and Dole. These unorthodox donors are the subject of an Inside Edition /Mother Jones investigation (check local listings for time & channel). For now, check out a related story from last year's Mother Jones magazine.

Bill's Big Backers
How Disney, defense, and oil helped Clinton come back from his 1994 low. Plus: Find out which big business donors helped Bob Dole win the GOP nomination.

Safe and
With billions at stake, Wall Street is quietly lobbying to privatize Social Security in 1997. Both parties -- and the president -- are listening.

Vote Netscape
High-tech companies use their Internet muscle to oppose a state proposition, and raise new questions about campaign finance laws in the process.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the presidential candidate from Russell, Kansas. Dole....Bob Dole. Be sure to take the Bob Dole Talkin' Tobacco interactive quiz.

Best of Live Wire
Attention all, "Feminists and others"! Let Tod DeBie know what you think is behind the VMI curtains, pandering or policy.

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They Already Eat Cake
Jude Wanniski, Jack Kemp's long-time economic guru, responds to Paul Krugman's article, "The Spiral of inequality," saying, "the poor have become fat and happy." Who knew?

MoJo Soapbox
In our final poll, we asked you to play the role of president. Find out how MoJo readers would run the country. Plus: check out the results of our previous week's polls.

Who let everyone from gamblers to gun nuts have run of the House? Find out in The Dirty Dozen, MoJo's exclusive exposés on money taken & favors returned by 12 of the most rotten eggs now sitting in Congress.

Our series of exposés about the tobacco industry: Bob Dole's marriage with Big Tobacco, the Christian Coalition's unholy compromise, and video clips from the tobacco exposé ABC wouldn't air.


The MoJo Wire's list of America's biggest political donors and who they gave to. Investigate on your own with our searchable database of the Fat Cats' itemized contributions.

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