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Xixit is an addictive, challenging puzzle game that tests your nerves to the breaking point. You must organize falling columns of tiles in an effort to get 3 of the same tile in a row. They can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal (or any combination of the three). To add variety, over 10 different tile sets are included, many of which are animated.

Compete for points or go head-to-head with a friend via any one of the 2-player modes (Null-modem/Modem/Network/Keyboard Sharing). In 2-player mode, you are able to affect your opponents game by scoring chain reactions.

Xixit contains a 6-song soundtrack by some of the hottest game musicians in the world, including CC Catch, Nemesis, Necros, and Mesonyx. To add to the challenge, distracting backgrounds are included which get more and more distracting with each level achieved.

The CD-ROM version also features 10 professionally-recorded tracks by Area 51 Records. These songs can be played without the game by using the CD-ROM in any CD player. That's over one hour of CD-quality stereo music!

Oh, and it's pronounced, "z-EYE-zit", in case you were wondering :)

[Xixit screen shot]   [Xixit screen shot]


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$22.99 US Disk version
$29.99 US CD-Rom version
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