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PC-CD Spring 1997 - PowerMac Later


Road Rage At It's Finest

CARMAGEDDON, SCi's new state-of-the-art 3D driving game, is set to crash into Europe early next year. Pit you wits and wheels against 25 other dememted maniacs through 5 totally different environments in you quest to become the King of Carnage and Prince of Pile-up!

Carefull Drivers Not Welcome

CARMAGEDDON is more than just your average racing game. You are actively encouraged to destroy you contestents' vehicles(and pedestrians) on the track, awarding the victorious driver with credits, depending on the extent of the damage inflicted. These credits can then be exchanged for automatic damage repair to you car or better and more deadly features when you visist the parts shop. Alternatively you can "hard shoulder" your opponent, leave your twisting smouldering wreck on the kerb side and steal the other driver's vehicle.. now that's part exchange with a difference!

Game Features