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Last Update: 14 November 1996

Tips and Tricks

Welcome to Secrets of the Sega Sages, the largest collection of cheat codes and FAQ's on the Internet. Don't let the name fool you; you'll find a treasure trove of Tips & Tricks, passwords and FAQ's for the hottest systems of today and yesterday.

Video Games Top 100

Tired of wasting time and money on games you don't like? Each Monday the Internet Video Games Top 100 rates the best next generation games. Be sure to cast your vote when you visit.

Sega Central BBS

If you're looking for something special, or just want to chat, try the Sega Central BBS. Featuring a fully threaded conferencing system with many advanced features such as thread monitoring, this is the place to be.

Links and Lists

No web site would be complete without a list of links, and this page is no exception. To this end, I've scoured the web to find hundreds of video game sites and FTP archives for your enjoyment.

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