TED Stands for Technology, Entertainment & Design and how the fusion of these disciplines shaped our world and perceptions during the last decade.

The next TED conference is TED7 which returns to 'broader' TED format.
19-22 February 1997 Monterey Convention Center, Monterey California.

TED/Technotainment (tm) 24-27 September 1997 @ SONY-IMAX(R) Theatre @ Lincoln Square 68th & Broadway in New York City
This conference will explore the elaborate weaving of technology & entertainment & focus on sports, medicine, learning, film & TV.
A conference of an emerging industry & a celebration of creativity in communication.
TED8 18-21 February 1998 @ Monterey Conference Center
TED9 17-20 February 1999 @ Monterey Conference Center
TEDX 23-26 February 2000 @ Monterey Conference Center


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