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November 15, 1996

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In the Magazine:
Mary Anne Weaver tracks down "India's Bandit Queen" -- and talks about the experience in a special Web-only interview. Plus, this month's cover articles ponder the price of immigration; and much more.

In Atlantic Unbound:
Forum: One Nation, Inhospitable? Are Americans in a mean mood toward immigrants? Jack Beatty convenes a panel of experts and asks if this attitude is justified. . . . Corby's Table: November Treats. Two recipes perfect for a Napa Valley-inspired Thanksgiving. . . . Books & Authors: A Century of Zionism. British journalist Geoffrey Wheatcroft takes stock of Theodor Herzl's "mad idea." . . . Web Citation: Web Del Sol. A site that calls itself the "Locus of Literary Art on the WWW."

Post & Riposte: Join the Atlantic Unbound Forum on immigration: post your reactions in the Society conference. (First-time users enter here.)

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