The Harvest Cache and Httpd-Accelerator

Complements of the University of Southern California

The Harvest hierarchical object cache, an element of the Harvest Harvest Information Discovery and Access System, offers high performance proxy-http caching for Mosaic, Netscape, Lynx, and other Web clients. The Harvest httpd-accelerator improves performance of your NCSA 1.4 or Netscape Netsite Web servers by a factor TEN. That's right, if your httpd is swamped, try ours.

Both the cache and httpd-accelerator install easily, as described below. The current version is cached-2.1pl0

Cached-2.1 AVAILABLE

The Harvest cache developers now offer cached-2.0

Obtaining the Software

We suggest that you start with the binary distrubtions and only move to the source code if you plan to port it to an unsupported architecture or extend its funcionality. Our software support policy is detailed here.


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Other Caches and Papers

If you're interested in comparing this implementation to others currently available, a few pointers are provided:

Contributors and Acknowledgements

This effort was funded by a contract from Hughes Aircraft under the NASA EOSDIS project subcontract number ECS-00009, by a National Science Foundation Institutional Infrastructure Grant Number CDA-921632, and by an ARPA contract number DABT63-93-C-0052. Contributors to the software include
Anawat Chankhunthod <>