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Ah, fall, with its crisp, sort of crunchy shell and filling of real Door County cherries. It reminds me of the youth I never had, what with pagan leaf-burning rituals, the snap of a tooth as it's yanked by a rock-hard caramel apple; or the prospect of football practice and that horrid dread in the pit of my stomach at the prospect of strapping on a used helmet which still smells like someone's shoe, and slamming with all my might into an angry adolescent twice my size. Ah, fear. I mean fall.

But first , a hearty thanks to all those who came to our ConventioCon ExpoFest-A-Rama! It was a roaring success, made all the sweeter by the warmth and utter civility of thousands of MSTies. It was a fine shot of adrenaline for us to get back to makin' the best darn Cow-town puppet show in the land.

And now Autumn is plentiful 'round Best Brains, what with a new crop of shows ripening on the vine, preparing for a bumper crop of funny. Stay tuned to this spot for the latest from the S.O.L. And in the meantime, go on and spread that fresh biscuit with a little apple butter.