Journal of William P Huff of an overland trip from Richmond, Fort Bend County, Texas, to Mariposa in Southern California in the years 1849 and 1850.

The William P. Huff manuscript is the copyrighted property of David Ewing Stewart.

The Huff Diary: Ledger One:"The Texas Route"

Chapter 1 : Gold Fever
Chapter 2 : From Fredericksburg To The Pecos River
Chapter 3 : From The Pecos River To Cornudas Del Alamo
Chapter 4 : Soul Searching At Cornudas Del Alamo
Chapter 5 : On To The Half Way Point: Soccooro & The Rio Grande
Chapter 6 : Sojourn In Socorro
Chapter 7 : Observations of a Stranded '49'er

The Huff Diary: Ledger Two: "The Southern Trail"

Chapter 8 .: Traveling The Chihuahua and El Paso Road
Chapter 9 .: On To Corralitos
Chapter 10: Rescue At Janos
Chapter 11: Lessons From The Stone Book
Chapter 12: On To Santa Cruz, Mexico
Chapter 13: Meandering the Santa Cruz River
Chapter 14: San Xavier And Tucon
Chapter 15: Pichacha Peak
Chapter 16: Traveling the Gila River
Chapter 17: To The Colorado River Crossing

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