Oddo Design is a small, progressive, award-winning design firm that creates high-quality World Wide Web Sites, Interactive Multimedia Presentations and Printed collateral - all of which are designed to implement corporate marketing and communications strategies in a consistent and synergistic manner.

Welcome to Oddo Design!
You're looking at the "non-shocked" version of Oddo Design's web site. To get started, just pickup the Infodex (that little, yellow book on the conference table). In it, you will find information About Oddo Design, guidelines intended to help with Your Project and Oddo Design's Project Samples.

Oddo Design WebFAQs Now Online!
Oddo Design WebFAQs is a new web publication that is designed to provide you with answers to questions like: "Do We Really Want a Web Site?", "How Much Does a Web Site Cost?", "How Do We Choose a Web Site Design Firm?", etc. Of course, if you have a question that you would like to see addressed in an upcoming Oddo Design WebFAQs, just e-mail your suggestion to webfaqs@oddo.com.

New Web Sites By Oddo Design:
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Oddo Design WebFAQS
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Oddo Design's Web Site - Now in a Bookstore Near You!
In case you didn't know, the "shocked" version of Oddo Design's web site can now be found in Jennifer Bennett's new book - "Easy Lingo", published by MIS:Press. She included it (an earlier version of the shocked site) in her new book to help you take full advantage of "Lingo" - the programming language used in Macromedia's multimedia authoring software, "Director" that was used to create this site. Also, don't forget to look for OddoRadio (another part of Oddo Design's shocked web site) in Bob Schmitt's new book, "Shockwave Studio: Designing Multimedia for the Web", in January 1997!

Last update: November 18, 1996


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