The unique spirit and philosophy of the Realtek Enterprise are symbolized by our corporate logo - a bold and energetic crab. Although, living in a varied and tough environment, the crab relentlessly continues to survive and maintain its vigorous vitality. Like the crab, Realtek's energies and stamina provide the essentials for our existence and growth in the Semiconductor industry.



Realtek Semiconductor Corp. was established as a start-up company in 1986 with an initial capital investment of NT 2 Million (US$80,000). Since then Realtek has continuously grown to be one of the largest semiconductor design house in Taiwan. Beginning with only several experienced and ambitious engineers, Realtek has expanded to its present level of 162 empolyees.

Realtek specialized in the design, development and distribution of a wide range of advanced and innovative semiconductor products. With our dedication to research, development, and marketing, Realtek is proud of having been a profitale and expanding company since its establishment. Throughout our history we have far outperformed the industry with an average annual growth of 142%. In 1992 and 1993, Realtek's Composit Perormance of Management was ranked 175 and 189, respectively, of the top 1000 Taiwanese companies. We attribute this outstanding performance and success to out quality of of products, service, excellent engineering team, and out ability to effectively and promptly meet the market trends of tomorrow.

Semiconductor technology is the driving force behind today's electronics industry. Industry dynamics will pave the road for Realtek to grow and expand in the future. We are confident of out prospects and look to a bright future for us and our business partners.


Oct. 1987 REALTEK was founded with NT$ 5 million (US$ 200,000) capital
Mar. 1988 REALTEK announced the first domestic EGA single chip
Apr. 1988 sales branch office established in Taipei
Feb. 1989 REALTEK headquarters approved for location to Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park
Mar. 1990 announced RTG3102 the first VGA chip
Apr. 1990 in-house standard cell design system and library established
Jan. 1991 announced RTS9031 the first triple-tone melody IC
Jul. 1991 announced the first analog Clock Synthesizer RTG3503
Aug. 1991 announced the first Ethernet Pocket LAN Controller (parallel I/F) RTL8002
Nov. 1991 announced the first RAMDAC chip
Mar. 1992 announced Window Accelerator RTG3107
Jul. 1992 announced true color RAMDAC chip RTG3206
announced dual frequence Colock Synthesizer RTG3507
Oct. 1993 announced highly integration VGA chip RTG3105i
Nov. 1993 announced 4-bit mircroprocessor with 5 sec. speech IC RTS3300
Apr. 1994 REALTEK announced ts going public
May 1994 announced the first NE2000 driver compatible Ethernet LAN Controller with Plug-&-Play and Full-Duplex capability RTL8019
Jun. 1994 announced Caller ID chip RTS8501
Oct. 1994 announced PCI Ethernet LAN Controller RTL8029
monthly revenue excess NT$ 100 million (US$ 4 million)
Apr. 1995 REALTEK invested Avance Logic, Inc. (U.S.A.)