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Specular Infini-D

Product Description

Powerful SplineForm(tm) Modeling

Infini-D's powerful and intuitive SplineForm modeling allows you to create anything you can imagine! This Bezier spline-based modeler will be instantly familiar to users of programs like Adobe Illustrator. Create objects of any complexity or type, including lathed, partial lathed, extruded, lofted, and path-extruded. Apply effects to your objects like beveling, bending, twisting, and tapering. The shapes of your objects are fully morphable, so they can rock and roll!

Photorealistic Rendering

Infini-D delivers fast, professional rendering of your images and animations. Design detailed surfaces like woods and metals using Infini-D's built-in texture generator. Or, place any image or movie on your object as a texture. No other program can match Infini-D's texture mapping capabilities. You have total control over lighting, including the use of gels and masks. Shadows, reflections, transparencies, and atmospheric effects, like environment maps and fog, deliver the photorealism you're looking for.

Broadcast Animation Control

Infini-D has always been at the forefront of 3D animation, with a powerful yet easy-to-use interface. We pioneered the Sequencer event-based animation controller, letting you easily design and modify your animations. Animation Assistants(tm), with features like autobanking and explode, make it easy to create sophisticated movements. On-screen motion path editing and velocity graphs give you ultimate professional control!

Hassle-Free Integration

Infini-D is designed to expertly complement your entire line of graphics tools. Instantly turn any Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia FreeHand file into stunning 3D. Use any image from Adobe Photoshop as a texture, lighting gel, or background. And Infini-D creates perfect alpha-channel masks automatically! Seamlessly composite your 3D images in programs like Photoshop or Specular Collage, or import your 3D animations into video editing programs like Adobe Premiere and Avid VideoShop.